It’s summer, and that means it’s time to get outside and on the water. We’ve rounded up what we think are truly the best and most outrageous water sport gadgets. These products are real. You could buy them, if you had the money to throw at them.

So, let’s just do a little pretending…

Pretend that you do have upwards of $20k to shell out for some fun toys while on the water.

These products are truly next level. They are the most outrageous gadgets you can find to head out on the water. …

Quarantine is well under way and while many of us can agree social distancing might save our souls, working from home is not all it’s cracked up to be.

We’re all finding ourselves cooped up at home. Whether that means you’ve converted your spare bedroom into your office, or the dining room table has become your new coworking space, we’re all adjusting… to say the least!

How do you stay focused and make sure you stay professional even if you’re trapped in your quarantine office? We’ve got some ideas to make working at home workable.

To make sure you look fresh on those 8am Zoom calls…

Improve your Webex and Zoom meeting game with this light

A simple adjustment will make…

I don’t think I can name one instance when Harry Potter was ever cooking or helping to cook in the kitchen. When Harry wasn’t scarfing down Every Flavor Beans or a Pumpkin Pasty, he was watching someone cook a meal for him: Mrs. Weasley at the Burrow, Hermione while in their various campsites around the UK, and the unseen house elves of Hogwarts.

The truth of the matter is that Harry probably survived only off junk food all other times of his pre-adult life. At any rate, witches and wizards in the kitchen seem to have lots going on prepping…

I was at a meetup last night and the question came up, how many of you actually have an IoT or “Internet of Things” device. It got everyone to go “hm”, so in my book that’s a superb question.

As the discussion progressed, it came up that most IoT applications are at a B2B level. That is, us as consumers don’t even know that our device is Internet of Things and connected, but it is. One person brought up the example of a security system alerting the firm of any anomalies without the customer doing (or knowing) anything. …

And 3 that are bound to make your life more difficult

The kitchen is a place for gadgets. Pots, pans, and knives were the original gadgets. How much more do we actually need to be productive while cooking meals?

It depends who you ask, and for many companies out there the answer is you need everything.

As the home gets smarter and our lives get even more connected, there’s got to be a point where we draw the line. We’re still trying to figure out where exactly that line lies…

Talk to your kitchen sink

At nearly $900 this gadget…

3 predictions from 6 kitchen gadgets.

Have you ever thought about how it’s no big deal to pour a bowl of cereal for breakfast or reheat something in the microwave. Maybe not. If you really thought about it though, you might be amazed at how our kitchens have become so much more accessible and convenient.

In the US around the late 1800s, breakfast cereal revolutionized the most important meal of the day. Oats and grains didn’t have to be stewed for hours in order to be digested, moms could serve up breakfast quickly allowing her to focus on other things.

After WWII the microwave was introduced…

Decontaminate your life and be ready to face a new day.

Some products are there to make your life easier or help you stay rested. Some are just there to keep you feeling fresh and cool. We’re a huge fan of these products that are going to make sure you’re always at your best. Looking good and feeling clean and refreshed.

Our criteria for these finds was anything that makes you look and feel even better.

Wipe on screen protection to keep it fresh

There’s nothing fresher than having a beautifully clean and uncracked cell phone screen. As soon a…

Whether you believe its climate change or not, we can all agree that every hot day recently seems to be the hottest day on record. The heatwaves aren’t limited to the dog days of summer as they used to be, now we’re feeling the heat and humidity throughout June, July, August and longer. It’s hot, humid, and muggy and feels like you just can’t cope.

How can you stay cool?

Don’t worry, fam. We’ve got four of our favorite product finds that will keep you cool no matter how much the sun blasts down and the wind seems to be…

And now that you know them, you absolutely will want them.

The kitchen is home’s one real playground.

It’s the one spot where everyone comes to discover, experiment, and enjoy. No matter your age or gender or whatever, it’s a welcoming spot of creation.

There are countless gadgets that seek to make it even more accessible. That’s why we love kitchen gadgets. They’re purpose is to make you a better cook.

Two Schools of Thought on Kitchen Gadgets

We see two main opinions when it comes to gadgets in the kitchen. There is the Alton Brown approach: everything should be…

All humans are creative.

It takes a special kind of human to make an idea go from in one’s head, or simply spoken to our significant other, to going live on Amazon. Maybe you have what it takes and then procrastination kicks in.

Then you’re at the store, or driving in your car, or going through an airport, and you see it. You think “Why didn’t I think of that??!”

Or worse, you have that thought of “I actually thought of that!” You message the person you are for sure, 100% positive that you shared that idea with. “Remember, that…

Need v Want is dedicated to inspiring everyone hunting for something unique and different, products that walk the line between need and want. Happy hunting!

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