4 kitchen gadgets that will save you time…

And 3 that are bound to make your life more difficult

The kitchen is a place for gadgets. Pots, pans, and knives were the original gadgets. How much more do we actually need to be productive while cooking meals?

It depends who you ask, and for many companies out there the answer is you need everything.

As the home gets smarter and our lives get even more connected, there’s got to be a point where we draw the line. We’re still trying to figure out where exactly that line lies…

Talk to your kitchen sink

At nearly $900 this gadget is pricey. However, if you’re renovating your kitchen, this is a must-have! Touchless operation, and voice app features allow you to talk directly to it with instructions. Not only that, this Kohler faucet offers measured pouring.

One reviewer on Amazon claims it’s “not ready for primetime” as the WiFi signal drops out and thus the voice pairing “Kohler Konnect” can’t stay connected. That and the price, but that’s still 3 stars for this faucet. If you have the resources, then maybe this faucet is for you.

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Track the heat in the kitchen, from anywhere

Your oven thermometer just isn’t accurate. Probably. Especially if you’re renting and who knows how old that thing is. It makes a really loud noise when it’s supposedly gotten to 375°F, and if that isn’t quite accurate then who knows how hot your roast is that’s been cooking in there. The features on this thermometer make sense for its price of $80. You’ve got tools on an app to monitor cooking temps from anywhere and accuracy to boot.

With 75% 5 star reviews on Amazon (granted that’s only 6 people). It’s got positive remarks overall. Reviewers love it for baking, barbecue and homebrewing. This thing will up your game in all those areas. 1 reviewer of the 8 said it never connects. This was a Kickstarted product and it’s coolfactor is definitely there. If it does as the 6 positive reviewers say, then you could “hit the pub while your roast is in the oven”.

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Zoom your way through fresh garlic

With 349 reviews on Amazon and a 4 star rating, this thing is most likely going to please you or the lucky chef you gift it to. We love it because it’s easy to use and moderatly easy to clean. Open the top, drop in a couple of fresh garlic cloves, roll it back and forth on the counter and you’ve got minced garlic. chop garlic quickly without getting your hands or cutting surfaces messy. When it’s date night, chopping garlic and getting that garlic smell all over your hands just won’t do. This hero saves the day.

A good 13% of reviewers have given it 1 star, mostly for how flimsy the lid is. They broke it on first go. Other complaints have to do with the impracticality of “wasting” half the garlic as it sticks to the inside of this device. If you can be dainty with the lid and don’t mind some of the garlic sticking inside, this product might just help save the day.

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“Throw away your shopping list”

At $150, this product is far the cheapest item that you’ll hang inside your garbage can. However, it claims to make your shopping list as you throw things away. It will scan the items going in and keep a tally in a shared app. Then whoever’s at the store can see what’s been thrown away. No more wondering if you need something, you’ll be sure.

There are no reviews on Amazon or elsewhere. We love the concept and if it works, it’s definitely going to save you a lot of time.

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Brew your favorites at home

Homebrewing is a real fad. You probably know at least one person who is mixing their hops and barley to perfect that perfect brew. And it’s high time you got in on the action. But you’re not really interested in working with brewer’s yeast, and the smells in your home, and the weird concoctions with perfectly measured ingredients. No… you want to claim you brewed it but without any of the hassle. This company has got you!

With 44 reviews on Amazon, it sits at a 3.4. Nearly 1 in 3 buyers say no to this product. One of the main concerns lies in the fact that you can only brew batches of beer that PicoBrew has packaged for creation. 5 reviewers do highly recommend the product and swear by it for beginners and experts alike because it automates the whole wort and brewing process.

[see it in action]

Literally wake up to coffee

So, you love waking up to coffee. Take that a step further and literally wake up to coffee being brewed. This alarm clock combines a pour over coffee maker with an alarm clock. Set it and wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee with your alarm.

First of all, this seems perfect if you’re a bachelor… without pets. Then nothing about this could go wrong. Add in a few variables, and we’re sure that time would be spent cleaning stains off the sheets, off the carpet… every morning really.

Scramble your eggs before you crack open a shell

This product really feels like a gimmick. And with over 50% of reviewers giving it 1 or 2 stars, there seems to be a consensus. The idea of this product is you’ll make scrambled hard boiled eggs. Reviewers, even negative reviewers point out that it does work. You’re going to scramble the egg inside the shell, however the membrane that makes cooking and peeling hard boiled eggs so easy gets destroyed in the process. So you’ll end up with more trouble then it’s worth.

The one saving grace is that many reviewers pointed out that they pre-scramble their eggs for cooking omelettes and eggs throughout the week quickly. No need to mix up eggs each morning. Buy the dozen, scramble in the shell, and get to your omelette faster every morning.

[see it in action]

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Originally posted on the NeedvWant blog.