Products to make an unbearable heatwave bearable

Whether you believe its climate change or not, we can all agree that every hot day recently seems to be the hottest day on record. The heatwaves aren’t limited to the dog days of summer as they used to be, now we’re feeling the heat and humidity throughout June, July, August and longer. It’s hot, humid, and muggy and feels like you just can’t cope.

How can you stay cool?

Don’t worry, fam. We’ve got four of our favorite product finds that will keep you cool no matter how much the sun blasts down and the wind seems to be blowing from an open oven door. There’s no need to just stay in front of your air conditioner, these will make sure you’re set to hit the streets and keep your cool.

Of course, the standard heatwave tips still apply. You’ll want to stay hydrated or find shade or sit under the AC, and beyond those basics, these are four of our favorites to enhance your heatwave experience and stay cool.

Embr Wave body temperature regulating wristband

Every time I think about this gadget I can’t believe it’s real. Seems like something straight out of scifi. Slip on this bracelet, the size of a large watch, select your preference and get cooled via the temperature conducting plate.

Reviews on their site say this thing really works. Picture yourself on your commute, on the metro and the heat is intense. There are people wall to wall and the vent above you seems to be blowing hot air. While some may resort to wearing gym clothes on the commute, that might not be an option for everyone. Especially if you’re heading to a client for a pitch or a job interview. Even in a suit, you’ll be feeling cool as a cucumber, enjoying this temperature regulating band on your wrist.

Be the master of the elements. [Check the price]

Hyperchiller to quickly cool your hot beverages

At home your coffee brewer only does hot coffee. And it’s just too damn hot to drink. You can’t go without your coffee. Fortunately for you, you planned ahead. In your freezer, ready whenever you’ve got the Hyperchiller. Pour in your hot coffee, coffee straight from your keurig and out comes icy, refreshing cold coffee. Not cold brew, and still your favorite selection of beans. This is perfect for anything, sodas, water, coffee. I expect you could even take a beer straight from the shelf at your local supermarket right through this to cool it down to an icy enjoyable temperature.

It doesn’t matter if ice is sold out at the convenience store, you’ve got this gadget ready to go to make things refreshing and beat the heat! [Check the price]

Sweat absorbing pads for under your arms

For the ultra sensitive and worried, this might be the best bet. After sitting in traffic in the sun, your AC on full blast, it still feels hot in your car. You’ve got that presentation at work and you thought it was two hot for the blazer. Underarm sweat will kill your pitch. Fortunately, you’ve got these sweat absorbent pads.

While they won’t cool you down, they will keep you looking fresh to death no matter the temperature outside. [Check the price]

Brookstone’s fan for your bed

After a long day in the AC at work, you get home to discover your house is ridiculously hot. You throw open the windows and it just doesn’t matter. In the summer, the heat can go all night. The wind has died and now it’s just gross and sticky. You’ll never fall asleep in this.

Even running a normal fan might not cut it. Your bed still feels gross. The inventors of this product know this pain well. They created this bed fan to blow a cool breeze over you under the sheets. You’ll be cool and comfortable. Scientists even say that sleeping in a cooler room can be quite healthy and provide for better sleep. So this product has double the benefits. You’re welcome! [Check the price]

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Stay cool and stay safe, remember to take your time, there’s no need to over exert yourself on these hot days!

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