5 products to make working from home work

To make sure you look fresh on those 8am Zoom calls…

Improve your Webex and Zoom meeting game with this light

Look fresh to death on your morning WebEx call with this monitor-mounted light! Check the price!

When your dog is taking over every conference call…

For that colleague with the dog barking on every conference call…

For your dog (or your coworker’s dog) who just can’t stay quiet during the conference call, we recommend this citronella (and harm-free!) bark collar. Check the price!

Infinity pillow for an infinite number of work from home positions (& naps)

Try out a wrap pillow to make working from home a bit more comfortable

Make working from home (and the naps that are bound to come with it) that much more comfortable with this infinity pillow. Check the price!

Improve your golf game, even if your local course is closed

Improve your golf game despite quarantine

Buy this practice putting tool for you and your clients and schedule your next GoToMeeting over a round of practice golf in your respective home offices! Check the price!

Enhance your coffee breaks despite being confined to home

If Starbucks closes, that doesn’t mean you should resort to the Keurig

What are you going to improve your next home office coffee break? Get inspired!



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