10 Kitchen Products for 2019 that you didn’t know you needed

And now that you know them, you absolutely will want them.

The kitchen is home’s one real playground.

It’s the one spot where everyone comes to discover, experiment, and enjoy. No matter your age or gender or whatever, it’s a welcoming spot of creation.

There are countless gadgets that seek to make it even more accessible. That’s why we love kitchen gadgets. They’re purpose is to make you a better cook.

Two Schools of Thought on Kitchen Gadgets

We see two main opinions when it comes to gadgets in the kitchen. There is the Alton Brown approach: everything should be a multitasker. And then Julia Child’s approach, which seems to embrace every single tool imaginable. Her kitchen is on display in the Smithsonian showing every tool she had and that each had a spot in her kitchen ready whenever. Whether you aspire to the Alton Brown approach or the Julia Child school, no one can deny the excitement in finding that one tool that is just perfect for your needs.

Just try and guess which school of thought we aspire to. While your kitchen might not be big enough to house every single gadget, like a breakfast sandwich making machine and a meat freshness sniffer, it should at least be big enough for one more from the list below. We’ve rounded up gadgets that will take your kitchen game to another level, whether you have no culinary skills or you’re a culinary master in need of a gadget to serve as your sous chef.

Our Criteria for Choosing

We aren’t necessarily looking for gimmicky kitchen gadgets. A purist in the kitchen might think they are, and purists we are not. We’ve rounded up our best of the best and they serve a purpose They’re doing something to lend a hand, and that’s allowing you to be a better chef in some way shape or form.

Without further ado,

Here are our top picks for the 10 items you didn’t know you needed in your kitchen:

An ice cream scoop that warms up from heat from your hand

You’ve been there, you pull the ice cream container out of the fridge, set it on the counter, get your bowl and spoon ready, and try to dig into your ice cream. It’s not budging. You’re going to hurt yourself or worse send precious ice cream all over the counter or floor. This ice cream scoop uses the premise of a hot knife through butter. It uses a conductive chemical inside the handle to warm the scoop. Your hand’s body heat will warm up the scoop and keep it warm. You’re going to have your ice cream ready to eat and scoop up immediately. No electricity, hot water, or other tech required.

Bottom Line: You’re going to be enjoying your ice cream much faster with this scoop.

[see it in action]

A whisk wiper to never lose a drop of frosting

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably tried to lick off your whisk. And you also know that just doesn’t work as planned. You’d be surprised how much cream or frosting is left on the whisk after usage. That’s valuable frosting that is just going to waste washed down the sink. This handy contraption serves double duty. Not only does it seek to save all the frosting, it will hold your whisk in place on the counter or side of the bowl, so you don’t send it rolling and launch frosting all over your kitchen.

Bottom Line: We love that this product will save you time and energy during cleanup. And frosting.

[see it in action]

A bacon toaster for convenient bacon whenever

We did say no gimmicky gadget, and then I throw a bacon toaster into the mix. I have my reasons. Reason number 1? Bacon. It’s hard to beat bacon in the morning, it will pull your kids out of bed and get everyone together for a meal in the morning. This isn’t gimmicky because it actually does claim to have some health benefits. Yes, it still cooks bacon. At the same time, it’s doing it vertically meaning the grease drips down onto a tray below. We love this for less mess while cooking bacon. Of course the flipside is that this gadget has the danger of delicious bacon at every meal.

Bottom Line: Delicious bacon has never been easier to make.

[see it in action]

A countertop bag holder to lend a helping hand

Simple items are sometimes so obvious once you’ve seen them. You’ll be thinking, “Why didn’t I think of that?” And this gadget is the embodiment. If you’ve ever been wrapping up leftovers and want to put things into a baggie. It can be a two handed shuffle to try to tilt your skillet into a bag without dumping the contents everywhere. Enter this product. Pop it up on your counter, it holds your bag steady, and you have two hands free to dump in whatever you wanted. Practical and it’s bound to save you clean up efforts.

Bottom Line: Smart, efficient, & simple.

[see it in action]

An egg yolk separator for easy egg yolks with one hand every time

This is something I love. When a recipe calls for egg yolks separated, I head to YouTube and rewatch for the hundredth time someone showing how easy it is to use egg shells to separate egg yolks. Then after an attempt, more bowls I now need to wash, shells everywhere, and hands a mess I get some egg yolk. It’s just not worth it.

That’s why this gadget is brilliant. Crack egg into bowl, pull out this tool and suck up the egg yolk. Ready to use wherever you need it. If you spend anytime baking, this might just be the helping hand you needed. Sure expert chefs might scoff, and until you level up, this helper will be there to save the day.

Bottom line: Fast egg yolks when you need them hassle free

[See it in action]

A Countertop Composter to go green easily

Uneaten leftovers often make their way into the garbage. This product goes a step further to turn them into something you can use in your houseplants or garden. Even if you don’t have a greenthumb, this countertop composter will make things simple. Drop in food refuse, run for a couple of hours, and you have great compost ready to go. Combine it with a countertop herb garden and you can use your leftovers to fuel your next meal.

Bottom line: It’s easy being green with this gadget

[See it in action]

An app that tracks what’s in your fridge

It’s 3pm and your phone just pushed a reminder. You have spinach and raw chicken in your fridge waiting for you to use. Oh, and here are some recipes you could use with those ingredients. The future is here with connected food storage containers and trackers. Stay on top of what’s in your fridge and keep waste to a minimum.

Bottom line: Be smarter about what’s in your fridge with app connected food storage

[See it in action]

A meat defroster tray

You get home from work only to realize you didn’t move the chicken from the freezer to the fridge before you left in the morning. Frustrated, it looks like it’s take out again. Alternatively, if you had this gadget it wouldn’t matter. Thisagical tool quickly defrosts meats, far faster than using cold water or room tperature defrosting. Quicker defrosting means more convenience.

Bottom line: Defrost your meats faster than ever.

[see it in action]

An automatic pot stirrer for hands free cooking

You stepped out of the room for just a second and then return to the stovetop. One stir and your fear has been realized. That sharp scent of burning rises from your pan. It’s impacting the whole stew and all your efforts are for not. Imagine being able to cook a great stew and have your hands free to be busy with other things, like texting. This gadget has a dream, and it’s just that.

Bottom Line: If you’ve ever complained about needing another hand in the kitchen.

[see it in action]

A voice activated faucet that measures as it runs the tap

How often have you been in the kitchen and wished you could talk to your faucet? Kohler has your back with this kitchen assistant. Tell your faucet to fill 3 cups of water or the entire spaghetti pot, and the faucet follows suit. It’ll shut off once the measured amount is filled. Pretty smart. Not only that it allows for hands free operation through motion sensors so you’re able to rinse veggies without touching anything but the veggie. Kitchens keep getting smarter and smarter. Alexa, is my refrigerator running?

Bottom line: Be smarter in the kitchen with another connected device, this time a faucet.

[see it in action]

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