The Best, Outrageously Luxurious Water Toys for Summer (2020)

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5 min readJul 22, 2020


It’s summer, and that means it’s time to get outside and on the water. We’ve rounded up what we think are truly the best and most outrageous water sport gadgets. These products are real. You could buy them, if you had the money to throw at them.

So, let’s just do a little pretending…

Pretend that you do have upwards of $20k to shell out for some fun toys while on the water.

These products are truly next level. They are the most outrageous gadgets you can find to head out on the water. So imagine that you have that oceanfront real estate, with the five million dollar view, and, as you do, you have a little downtime.

Consider these flashy toys for the water that will make the neighbors and everyone you pass out on the water jealous. These are the best of the best summertime gadgets, the toys you need when you stop asking “how much does it cost?”

It seems the luxurious items in life aren’t always found on Amazon. We’ve scoured the web for these amazing finds in hydrofoils, diving, and watersports. Let the summertime fun begin with our favorite outrageous summer picks for the water:

Fly underwater with ease with the Bixpy Handheld Scuba Jet

You won’t find the Bixpy Handheld Jet on Amazon, head over to their main site to learn more. Bixpy has created what looks like a handheld gun, when the trigger is pressed, you’ll cruise along at speeds up to 2.5 mph, running as long as 40 minutes, and getting to depths of 30m (100ft). All of that power sits in your hand and is easy to carry. Flip the switch to blow sand off hidden treasure you’ve uncovered, and head out to explore with a battery capable of running at for up to 2hrs at slow speed.

Their Scuba Jet Edition will set you back $775.

See it in action. Find it at Bixpy.

The handheld jet, ready to take you cruising under the surface of your pool

While a bit larger than the Bixpy Scuba Jet, the Yamaha underwater scooter can be found for less than half the price and at Amazon. You have saved a little bit in price, but you give up the depth and runtimes. The Yamaha Seascooter will run at its top speed of 2.5 mph for about 20 minutes. It’s rated to depths of 30ft (10m). Out of water, it weighs more than 11lbs and will require two hands to operate underwater.

See it in Action. Find Yamaha’s Seascooter at Amazon for a song: $340

Freedive with ease with SCORKL’s Handheld Breathing Apparatus

No need to lug around your heavy equipment, or even rent it from the local dive shop. You’ve brought along your SCORKL. This tiny tank pumps up with a bike pump and is ready for adventure. Dive up to 6 meters and use for up to 10 minutes of breathing time. While you’ll find knockoffs on Amazon, the SCORKL of Kickstarter fame is only available on their ecommerce site. A Starter Pack including pump and SCORKL is just $478; the SCORKL Pro giving 20% more breathing (about 80 breaths) is $527

See it in action. Find it at

Take your free diving to easy SNUBA with the Air Buddy

You’re looking to spend a little more time under the water, but not looking to make a full day out of diving, renting equipment, and chartering a dive boat. Take off from your seaside, overwater bungalow with the Airbuddy. You and a friend can attach to this floating compressor and explore underwater in shallow waters (up to 20ft / 6m). The flag and compressor float on the surface allowing you to safely and comfortably explore below. Airbuddy’s Buddy Diver Pack will set you back $1595

See it in action! Find it at

Go for a cycle ride on the water

Manta claims their hydrofoil bike is the next frontier of cycling. Ready for a wide range of abilities, this bike will rise up on its foils and over the waves. Cycle peacefully along the coast, race across the harbor at speeds of 12 mph. Pick it up and travel with it, drop it in, and get going. This hydrofoil bike will set you back $10k.

See it in action! Find it at

Wake up on an Awake Board

It’s a jet ski, it’s a jet boat, it’s a surfboard. It’s a little wild. And it’s nearly $20 grand. It’s for the adrenaline junky, the person ready to carve and be agile across the water. Awake describes the board as a high-performance carving machine. Control it with a handheld remote to grind hard.

See it in action! Find it here!

Grind More on a Hydrofoil Surfboard Board for the Waves

Find a variety of sizes to suit your riding style and ability. Jump on, hit the button and you’re off, rising above the water on a foil and flying. Like any good luxury toy, it will set your pocket book back 5 figures at $12000. A small price to pay for the fun and adrenaline of being on a foil over the sea. Efoil also has non-motorized options to surf the waves on a foil.

See it in action! Find a demo location here

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