7 Gadgets That will Make you Feel Like Harry Potter in the Kitchen

I don’t think I can name one instance when Harry Potter was ever cooking or helping to cook in the kitchen. When Harry wasn’t scarfing down Every Flavor Beans or a Pumpkin Pasty, he was watching someone cook a meal for him: Mrs. Weasley at the Burrow, Hermione while in their various campsites around the UK, and the unseen house elves of Hogwarts.

The truth of the matter is that Harry probably survived only off junk food all other times of his pre-adult life. At any rate, witches and wizards in the kitchen seem to have lots going on prepping and cooking, without any manual labor. I love that thought because I hate prep work in the kitchen.

Now these gadgets seem to feel that pain. They’re tools that even Mr. Weasley the head of Misuse of Muggle artifacts at the Ministry would smile at. Their goal is to make your life a little easier in the kitchen; they’ll make life simpler, even if you don’t have a wand.

You most likely don’t have a wand at the ready, and you’re not able to bewitch a knife to slice and dice for you. That said, these inventions are going to make you feel like you should have received an acceptance letter to Hogwarts.

And, while Harry didn’t do much in the kitchen, these contraptions will make you feel just a little bit more like a wizard while prepping your next meal.

‘Diffindo’ in a Wheel — Slice Garlic Simply

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Whenever a witch or wizard is helping in the kitchen, we always see knives chopping away on cutting boards, slicing onions or carrots or potatoes. No manual interaction required to chop up even the toughest of veggies.

Muggles give it 4 stars overall (from over 300 ratings). Five-star reviews outnumber one-star reviews 5 to 1. The biggest issue people have is that the blade comes out as they try to get the garlic out and the garlic inside is difficult to remove without washing it down the sink. Nobody’s perfect. If you hate finely mincing garlic, and wish you could wave a wand at it, this might just be the tool for you. 61% of people who bought it love it.

‘You can’t just parade the fact you’re all knowing!’ — These containers predict your dinner

Professor Sybill Trelawney (who seems to always be right?) never has to wonder “What should I cook for dinner”. And, we never saw Harry Potter wonder those words once in the book. He obviously had bigger fish to fry almost all the time!

These food storage containers give you recipe ideas based on ingredients you have in your kitchen. They are all-seeing so that you can worry about more important things!

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Just like ‘Aguamenti’ — This faucet responds to your voice

No wand required, this is some serious wandless magic right in your own home. Speak a command to this faucet, and just like uttering a water charm, this faucet springs to life and spouts preset amounts of water.

While on the pricier side, this invention is one item from the connected home that I can really get behind. And I wish I had one.

Give it a specific command or simply wave your hands to turn on and off this touchless faucet.

‘Accio’ a Paper Towel with this Auto Dispenser

Again, another contraption that Mr. Weasley wouldn’t be able to help marveling at, this device responds to a wave of your hand with a preset

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This gadget has 4 stars on Amazon with over 400 reviews. You, like 70% of other reviewers will probably be pretty satisfied. It plugs into the wall and has batteries so no matter what it’ll be good to go.

The design keeps paper towels off the counters and out of site, but there right when you need it. It seems to be one of those things that you’re fine without, but once you have it you can’t imagine life before.

Stir your pots hands-free, no wand required

I love this contraption. Not sure I’d ever use it, but it is there when you need it. And you’re going to need it. You don’t have a wand afterall, but sometimes we need to take our eyes off the pot without letting it burn.

With only 7 reviews on Amazon, this automatic stirrer invention has earned 4 stars. The few reviewers love how it frees them up to worry about kids or other things in the kitchen.

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‘Scourgify’ With Ease: Cleaning Without a Wand has Never Been so Easy.

Dishes, fabrics, counter tops, pets? One cleaning device for each and every one of them. We know you’re sitting there staring at that mess thinking, if only there was an incantation to shout to clean this right up. Well, there isn’t. But there is this silicon brush to make scrubbing and cleaning just a bit easier.

On Amazon, reviewers have given this tool 3.5 stars, with over 100 reviews. 5 star reviews outnumber 1 star reviews 2 to 1. Reviewers love it for its ability to remove pet hair like a … wizard! But it’s stiff bristles will help you keep clean after making a wizard-worthy mess in the kitchen!

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Melt Away the Ice and Defrost Meat in Moments

There are incantations to warm things up and dry them off. We don’t know any though. There are times you’ll wish you could instantly prepare your meats. While this tray isn’t instant, it will make quick work of meats you pull from the freezer. Any time saved in the kitchen will make you feel that much more like a witch or wizard.

Nearly 300 reviewers on Amazon give this product 3.5 stars. Five star reviews for this gadget still out number one star reviews 2:1, so there’s some value here. Only 12 reviewers claim it’s a “waste of money”, and 8 “highly recommend it”. When you forget to take things out of the freezer because of a freak dementor attack, this device will be there to save the day.

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