5 Ridiculous IoT Devices You Can Own Today

I was at a meetup last night and the question came up, how many of you actually have an IoT or “Internet of Things” device. It got everyone to go “hm”, so in my book that’s a superb question.

As the discussion progressed, it came up that most IoT applications are at a B2B level. That is, us as consumers don’t even know that our device is Internet of Things and connected, but it is. One person brought up the example of a security system alerting the firm of any anomalies without the customer doing (or knowing) anything. Another mentioned their washing machine, while there is no screen or any special features that would be gimmicky, it does have wireless communication with the manufacturer to allow diagnostics and troubleshooting.

For this, it seems like IoT is a fad. And it got me thinking, how many “smart and connected” devices are actually a little bit gimmicky? Well, all of them.

Our Criteria

So, what are the most ridiculous IoT devices we’ve found on our hunt for products at NeedvWant? I’m happy to share them. In no particular order, here are 5 items that we think are pretty gimmicky.

The standard definition is that IoT or Internet of Things products are connected devices that do not require human to device interaction. Rather, they can communicate or do something without a human involved. As most applications are B2B, my definition of IoT is devices for your home that conceptually will make the world a better place, however probably cause a lot of headaches in daily use.

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