2019 Product Finds to Keep you Fresh and Clean

Decontaminate your life and be ready to face a new day.

Some products are there to make your life easier or help you stay rested. Some are just there to keep you feeling fresh and cool. We’re a huge fan of these products that are going to make sure you’re always at your best. Looking good and feeling clean and refreshed.

Our criteria for these finds was anything that makes you look and feel even better.

Wipe on screen protection to keep it fresh

There’s nothing fresher than having a beautifully clean and uncracked cell phone screen. As soon a you have some screen cracks, that means germs and other bacteria can seep in and make a home there. And that is on the one item that you’re holding all day, every day. That’s just nasty.

If you can keep your phone uncracked and smooth as a pond on a summer evening, you’re going to have a much cleaner phone. No matter how you treat it, drop it, tap it, or live with it. Apply these wipes to your iPad, phone screen, or your sunglasses and you’re going to keep it fresh.

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Build flossing habits and get rid of bad breath

We all know flossing is important. But that doesn’t mean we do it every day. This company seeks to change that. By having the floss dispenser right up on the mirror in front of you every evening, you’re bound to remember.

And even when you forget, it’ll be staring right back at you. In fact, if you don’t press this floss dispenser after a day, it starts to give you a red light frowning back at you from the mirror. Nothing like a little positive reinforcement — -shaming you to form the habit! You;ll be happy you’ve formed the habit too, nothing beats away morning breath after an Italian dinner quite like a good flossing

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Keep your cell phone germ and bacteria free

Similar to the first item above, we hold on to our phones all day every day. It’s basically an extension of your arm. And we use it everywhere. At work, in the bathroom, on our commutes, when cooking a recipe… You get the picture. We’re constantly touching it, maybe sometimes holding it up to our faces. The best way to conveniently keep your phone fresh and clean is with this handy device. Pop in your phone, it runs for 10 minutes or so and leaves your phone free from germs and bacteria. Wow. Maybe we should have these strategically positioned throughout our lives!

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Remove cat hair discreetly

Traditionally lint rollers are not the coolest object. They’re large, bulky tools that we keep in the closet. Out of sight. When you need to use it, you see all the leftover lint and hair from last time. Not something you can use on demand. This guy is all about changing that. Sneakily keep this in your bag or purse, use it discreetly to brush off any lint or cat hair, and you’re looking primped and ready for that 1:30pm presentation, hopefully you got that piece of kale out of your teeth.

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This hair curler doesn’t require you to use damaging heat

Our favorite find recently for looking fresh to death is this hair curler from Dyson. We love it because it doesn’t use heat to curl your hair, it just uses blown air. You’re not going to have damage or fry your hair to get that look you like. With this, step out of the shower or go to work on your hair purely. You’re going to look fresh and your hair will keep that bounciness it’s supposed to have. No extreme heat required to get your great look.

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This robot will decontaminate your bed

We go to sleep without even realizing how much bacteria is in our bed. If you travel a lot for work, the sheets at your hotel may look clean, but how can you be sure? Enter the cleansebot. This device is our favorite for staying fresh and clean. We’re sure it’ll make every morning fresh and clean if you’re using this robot to disinfect nightly! Turn it on, place it on your bed under the duvet and it goes to work. It drives around like a roomba on your mattress above the topsheet, doing its thing to kill bacteria. You’ll sleep like a baby knowing you’re in the cleanest most uncontaminated environment you’ve ever slept.

[see it in action]

What are we missing?

What’s part of your routine, keeping you fresh, clean, and polished?

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